72 hours in Reykjavik:

Iceland is a cute town, with a population slightly ahead of Fargo and a Boulder vibe. Quirkier though. 

Tourism has exploded in Iceland, with records breaking three years running. Almost everyone comes to the Blue Lagoon, a man-made thermal pool 15 minutes from the airport. If you have the luxury of spending more than 72 hours in Iceland, The Retreat at Blue Lagoon opened last spring and offers a fully immersive experience: float in the hotel’s private Blue Lagoon; do the spa ritual and explore spa room to room; get a water massage while floating; have lunch and a nap.

Heli skiing is the March-to-May activity and summer is green and lush. Night owls rejoice during the peak of the summer solstice, when Iceland is dominated by daylight. During the month of June the daylight cycle is around 20 to 21 hours a day, but there is really no evident darkness (bring your eye masks if you want to get some sleep!). The food scene is haute and surprisingly legit. Sure, there’s great seafood and delicious baked goods. But do the un-American: try the horse, try the whale (don’t worry, these Minke whales are not endangered species). Both are incredibly traditional to Icelandic cuisine and rarely found elsewhere. And they are shockingly delicious!

Have a look below for the ideal, Iceland Summer Solstice getaway: 

Day 1

Iceland may not be the first place that comes to mind in regards to great food, but the cuisine actually has a long history, with specialization particularly in lamb, dairy, and fish. A Nordic country blessed by both water and nature, quality is guaranteed: ingredients are freshly grown and locally sourced.

So don’t waste any time! Drop your bags and take to the streets to experience the local fare!

(For a more formal, upscale experience, be sure to check out ROK, Dill {the first restaurant in Reykjavik to have been awarded a Michelin star} and Sjávargrillid)

While scouring for the best native eats, take an opportunity to explore the town; the colorful buildings are hard to miss!

Next, take the 45 minute drive inland (nap optional, but recommended!) to experience the sights & sounds at Þingvellir National Park, where you can literally walk between two continents (the rift valley). Multiple ravines – created by centuries of earthquakes – grace the landscape as the crystal clear runoff from Langjokull glacier flows throughout. Geological processes materialize before your eyes within a journey that leads you to the breathtaking Öxaráfoss waterfall.

Another 45 minute drive east will bring you to the Geysir geothermal area, fittingly namesake to geysers all around the world. These awe-inspiring, erupting hot springs are synonymous with Iceland. If you have the unique opportunity of visiting this marvel, be sure to grab as much content as possible – geysers are becoming increasingly irrelevant!

Day 2

Relaxing at the iconic Blue Lagoon is an opportunity in Iceland that cannot be missed. A geothermal spa whose waters take on a milky blue color, it is a treat for both the eyes and the body.

Feeling pampered and ready for some action? Head north for an ATV tour by the lava fields outside Reykjavik!

Day 3

Sólheimajökull glacier requires a full day, but is well worth the trek! Located two hours south of Reykjavik, the glacier sits between the volcanoes Katla and Eyjafjallajökull. While the hike upward might be strenuous for some, you will be rewarded with a magnificent view all-throughout. Adrenaline junkies must take the opportunity to belay down one of the man-made craters (and then scale back up the glacier with ice picks!). A mountain man’s delight!

After all that activity, I promise you will be ready for a glorious snooze on the plane ride home!

As we have shown you above, you do not need to take an entire week off from work for an amazing vacation! 72 hours will do!