Why Join VETTED?:

Our mission is to connect like-minded tastemakers and trendsetters through travel. Enjoy intimate gatherings and experiences within a unique community. VETTED membership grants you access to our meticulously curated group trips, local events and a database of invaluable, world-wide contacts.

The Etymology of VETTED Collaborative:

We are all-too-frequently reminded of the perils of traveling to new or remote destination. Planning group travel can be even more daunting and unpredictable. That’s where we come in. You don’t need to think, plan, or worry – we vet the people and the places, so you don’t have to. 

We believe shared experience is the best way for people to truly bond. A community comprised of authentic and inspiring people, VETTED fosters a deep sense of connection through travel and opens the door to a world of opportunities.


1)    Apply!

2)    We will review your membership request within 5 business days.

3)    Upon acceptance, the first 12 months of membership is gratis. Annual dues are $500 thereafter.

4)    Begin booking VETTED trips and receiving invites to our local events.


Vetted was founded by Richie Jolivette and Andrew Golden, avid travelers and partners in business and in life. Just one month into their relationship, fueled by a passion for travel and a penchant for the impulsive, Richie joined Andrew on a group trip to Greece. The journey not only solidified their bond but also provided the impetus for VETTED. The two set forth on their mission to simplify and scale the group travel dynamic.

VETTED came to life with the intent of creating an authentic community within a platform offering exposure to the world’s hidden gems, through the lens of real people with firsthand experience and native contacts. The concept evolved to facilitate the type of bonds formed on that trip to Greece while emphasizing the power of shared experience and collaboration.

Please visit our blog to learn more about Richie, Andrew and the evolution of Vetted.