the evolution

Rachel “Richie” Jolivette and Andrew Golden met in August 2017. Just one month into dating, fueled by a passion for travel and a penchant for the impulsive, Richie joined Andrew on a trip to Mykonos. The plans were in the works for months and the group included an assortment of friends and friends of friends. For Richie, the vacation was an easy plug-and-play; for Andrew, he was excited to include a vivacious personality and he knew Richie would appreciate the arduous work that went into the trip’s construction.

In the end, eight days spent savoring all that the island had to offer transformed total strangers into lifelong friends and, in their case, life partners. There, on a sunny balcony overlooking the Aegean Sea, the idea of Vetted started to percolate. How could they re-create, simplify and scale this dynamic? In the two years that followed, Vetted came to life.

Due to the fragmented nature of the travel industry, planning a trip of any kind is exhausting and often frustrating. The flawed system – propagated by blogs, magazines, booking sites, and travel agents – directs tourists to the same large resorts, promotes existing industry relationships and often neglects the true objectives of the traveler. As result, destinations become overcrowded and cliche while the “hidden gems” get overlooked.

At the same time, many other viable experiences are missed unless you stumble upon them by happenstance. If it’s a native experience you seek, then you better be prepared to spend hours performing rigorous due diligence! The vast majority of local businesses aren’t even on the internet.

Traveling with a group is even more difficult. Ensuring that all of your friends have the same destination in mind along with the same budget and time off is next to impossible. Tagging along on an ordinary group trip can be risky, as we all know one bad seed can spoil the trip for the rest. At Vetted, we want to remove the stress of planning and group composition so that you can focus on soaking in everything that the destination has to offer.

Vetted came to life with the intent of recreating an organic community within a platform offering exposure to the world’s hidden gems, through the lens of real people who have firsthand experience and native contacts. We understand that there’s something about shared experiences that truly bonds people and we aim to encourage these connections in every event and excursion that we plan.