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THE FUN: going on a trip, making wonderful memories, spending time with people you love. 

THE NOT-SO-FUN: packing for said trip, considering what to bring and what to leave behind, growing frustrated as you realize you can’t fit everything in a single suitcase. 

We get it! Preparation for a trip can be daunting, something that’s tempting to leave until the last minute. But have no fear: we have tips to make the process easier.

1. Roll + Stuff

We don’t truly understand how this scientific phenomenon works better than folding, but it does! Not only does it create more space and allow you to organize your outfits, but rolling also keeps your clothes wrinkle-free. Additionally, crease-resistant items like socks, swimsuits and workout clothes can be stuffed into handbags, hats and shoes to maintain their shape and optimize space.

2. Check with your Hotel

Often times our toiletries are the most cumbersome items to pack. We recommend checking with your hotel to see what essentials are provided. You can take the extra step to see what brands they use; if the hotel’s stock toiletries include your favorite Aesop shampoo, conditioner and lotion, you can leave yours behind.

A few items many hotels include in your room: blow dryer, toothpaste, shampoo, conditioner, lotion, beach bags, q-tips, sunscreen.

3. Outfits > Items

Are you one of those people who throws everything that could possibly-maybe-slightly fit the vibe of your destination in your suitcase? If so, you’re over-packing. We find it easiest to pack by outfit. First, consider the weather and calculate how many daytime, nighttime, beach day and work out outfits you’ll need. Then, (you may need to spread out a bit for this) pack by planning outfits that make sense. You don’t necessarily need to decide ahead of time which outfit you’ll wear on which day, but you’ll avoid bringing 3 shirts that you can’t match with any of the pants or shoes you packed! Not only will you save space, but you’ll also save time getting dressed while traveling.

4. Invest in Travel Accessories

Invest in travel-only items and create a go-bag. Trust us, it’s worth the extra $20 to have have a toothbrush, razor and face moisturizer dedicated to your dop kit to avoid that frantic mad-dash through duty-free to buy the overpriced essentials you forgot to pack.

For hair and skincare, we know most people have their trusted routine and would prefer not to use hotel products. Most of your favorite brands have TSA-safe sizes- buy them and keep them in your go-bag. And if they don’t, create your own! Here’s a kit we love.

5. Rely on Basics

Let’s get real. Five outfits consisting of a top, bottoms and shoes should not equate to 15 items (for our non-finance readers, that’s 3×5=15). A classic pair of denim, a white tee and pair of white sneakers can make their way into a number of outfits.

6. Utilize your carry-on

We’ve all been there: your plane is probably about to board and you’re sitting at bag drop-off with your suitcases open, rearranging and hoping that somehow you can remove 4 pounds of clothes from your checked bag while still being and to zip your carry-on shut.

Pro tip: Pack (or wear) your heavier items in your carry-on luggage. That pair of espadrilles probably ways 2 pounds. Put those in your carry on instead of your pool slides. Even if you don’t plan to use it on the plane, your laptop/iPad/camera and their chargers should go in your carry on as well. And last, but certainly not least: your toiletries. These items tend to be weightier, and if you have your travel-sized go-bag, you won’t have a problem at TSA!