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Atla | Porkbelly Taco

Here at Vetted, we not only seek to expose our members to “hidden gems” across the globe, but also to those in our own backyard. And the only thing we crave more than travel, is food!

The concrete jungle is no stranger to culinary prowess. Contrarily, and for reasons beyond my comprehension, New York falls short when it comes to its Mexican food. I’m surrounded by friends who “live to eat,” and that thought is pervasive. So, it might surprise you to know that there is one Mexican restaurant that we hold in the highest of regard. It’s our absolute favorite restaurant in Manhattan, and its chef was recently anointed the incomprehensible “World’s Best Female Chef” award: ATLA.

Just 28, Chef Soto-Innes already owns numerous accolades in the culinary world. The Mexico City native has received praise for cultivating a welcoming environment within her kitchens while also empowering minorities and reversing gender stereotypes. It’s a labor of love that translates directly to the dishes she serves.

If you have not had the pleasure of dining at ATLA, I strongly encourage you make it your next date-night move. While reservations aren’t the easiest to come by, bar dining is always a solid option. The staff is warm and knowledgeable, the music is on point and the margs are glorious…and lethal.

VETTED go to order: Flax Seed (Green) Chilaquiles w/ Chicken & Avo; Pork Belly Taco; Cauliflower Taco Al Pastor (YES), Maitake En Salsa Verde…Churros…as many Overproof Margaritas as you can handle!

Atla | Chilaquiles
Atla | Overproof Margarita

Make your reservation ASAP: @atlanyc

Zestfully, AG